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Market Day

Thursday in Fez is a day of the Souk, or market, where a lot of livestock is traded. For that reason, the caseload tends to

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New Lessons

Pretty light work day at the Fondouk. Most of today’s patients were of the small animal type. I’m feeling a little better although still not

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Sensing the Patterns

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate with very much of the work today. I woke up this morning feeling pretty ill. I don’t think it

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Ups and Downs

My first weekend here in Fez was quite the adventure. Mohammed, an employee at the Fondouk, showed us around the "new downtown" area, which is

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Getting Settled

I am feeling more comfortable here at the Fondouk, and today I started to function better in the clinic. I was even able to get

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Culture Shock

I could feel the culture shock setting in last night as soon as I stepped off the plane in Casablanca. My first mission was to

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Ready to Go

I am excited and anxious as I prepare to depart for Fez, Morocco on a one month veterinary externship. There is an inherent sense of

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