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Kenton Morgan, DVM


Kenton Morgan DVM, Dipl. ACT, is a technical services veterinarian with Zoetis. He's a past member the American Association of Equine Practitioners' (AAEP) board of directors and serves on the American Quarter Horse Association’s research committee. His main areas of interest include equine reproduction, infectious diseases, and prevention strategies. He’s authored technical manuals on antimicrobial therapy and AAEP position statements and white papers on numerous issues, including compounding and equine serum products. Morgan speaks regionally and nationally to veterinary groups on equine veterinary topics such as vaccinology, sedation, parasite control, biosecurity, and infectious diseases. Dr. Morgan joined Zoetis in 2010.

Articles by Kenton Morgan, DVM

EPM Medication Q&A

My horse was diagnosed with EPM last year. We tried Baycox for one month–no change. Since then, he has been on a daily dosage of sulfadiazine/pyrimethamine combination (SDZ/PYR) for approximately nine months. Would it be advisable to give him Marquis and SDZ/PYR together? One veterinarian says yes, another no. Also, isn’t staying on the SDZ/PYR indefinitely compromising his

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