Marcia King

Marcia King is an award-winning freelance writer based in Ohio who specializes in equine, canine, and feline veterinary topics. She's schooled in hunt seat, dressage, and Western pleasure.

Articles by: Marcia King

Saving Horses 911

Traditionally, in the event of some sort of accident–trailer overturned, horse stuck somewhere, horse down, environmental disaster–the owner or witness often attempts to deal with the incident himself/herself or with the aid of a friend

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Don’t Ignore Melanomas

The latest research indicates that equine practitioners and the general public need to understand that a melanoma is not just a benign bump.

The statistics are a little daunting:

  1. Up to 80% of gray horses older

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Herbs for Horses

While there is some scientific evidence that herbs can be used as effective treatments and preventives in humans and animals, “natural” does not always mean “benign.”

You probably know the types: Eager Ellen, who is sold

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Barefoot vs. Shod

This point/counterpoint discusses the controversial issue of whether horses need to wear shoes. Back in 2002, Tufts University hosted a seminar for farriers and veterinarians to review the barefoot hoof care methods devise

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Equine Therapy: Sound Choices

Many equine therapy devices are available, but which ones work? Keeping your horse in action or getting him sound and back into battle: twin goals of just about everyone who works with competition horses or who spends a chunk of time playing with the

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Desensitizing Your Horse to Fly Spray

A HORSE’S LAMENT: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. ‘Tis the rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril. Yonder vessel full of foul sound and fury. Cruel icy tears assailing my body. –Equus

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What’s New in Horse Trailers

The majority of newer trailer features deal with improved construction, safety, convenience, and economy–the practical stuff–as well as amenities and purchasing options.

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Winding Down

Giving your horse a break from training can result in a healthier, happier horse–if you do it correctly.

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Bitless: A New Breed of Bridle

What is the difference between The Bitless Bridle and other cross-under bitless bridles (CBBs) versus the traditional type of bit-free bridles such as the hackamore? Even more importantly, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the CBBs versus

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All Stocked Up

It happened again: Your horse was fine for the entire weekend of riding, but when you got him ready for another weekend packed with activities, you discovered his hind limbs were swollen. You know it’s not overuse; the boarding barn provides

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Mini Management 101

The small size of Miniature Horses and Donkeys belies their strength and hardiness. Explains Mikelle Roeder, PhD (animal physiology), professional animal scientist and equine nutritionist for Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, “The diminutive stature and

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Trailer Tire Anatomy

Some people claim that a tire is a tire is a tire: It’s round and black and holds air. But that’s not really the whole story. Tires are manufactured for different purposes and load-bearing capacities. They come in different sizes and vary in

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caring for senior horses in cold weather; Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know

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