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Marcia King is an award-winning freelance writer based in Ohio who specializes in equine, canine, and feline veterinary topics. She's schooled in hunt seat, dressage, and Western pleasure.

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Tendons: Keep Them Moving

Like keeping the pistons of an engine lubricated for smooth, easy movement, the tendon sheaths of a horse function similarly by providing a friction-free environment in which tendons can move.

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Hidden Treasure: Retraining Racehorses

“A prize in every box.” While that phrase refers to the little toy one finds in a box of Cracker Jacks, adopting a former racehorse is not so different: You’re not quite sure what you’ll get, but often the experience is fun and the horse can be a treasure for years to come. For the most part, ex-racehorses are well-trained, intelligent horses which, in the right hands, successfully move on to

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The Other Cancers

Is there an uglier word in medicine than “cancer?” This is true in human and veterinary medicine. Many of us view cancer as invasive, debilitating, and fatal. But those who know horses know that while cancer occurs in equids, most of these cancers are sarcoids and melanomas–cancers that are generally benign, but should receive attention from a veterinarian to ensure they aren’t a danger to

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Breathe Deep

Lower airway disease is all too common among the horse population–the occasional cough in the young racehorse that belies serious disease, the wheezy horse which can’t tolerate his barn, the backyard horse which always seems to have a cough or nasal discharge. It’s no surprise that researchers around the world are engaged in finding the causes and cures of inflamed airway passages. Efforts

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Pest Control: The Death Squad

When it comes to pest control products, the safest choices lie with EPA-approved chemical formulations developed for horse use, such as DEET, pyrethrins/pyrethroids, and organophosphates, or the EPA GRAS (“generally regarded as safe”) products like citronella and geraniol.

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Creative Purchasing

The standard means of providing for the horse farm is to pick up or have delivered bales of hay and sacks of grain when you run low, to purchase outright your horses and equipment, and to pay for your labor. But there are alternative ways that

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Heavy Horse Health Problems

Draft horses are enjoying a comeback. Not since the days when they were required to move the nation have the gentle giants been so sought after as riding and driving competitors. Draft crosses are found worldwide, competing at many levels and”P>Draft horses are enjoying a comeback. Not since the days when they were required to move the nation have the gentle giants been so”>Draft horses are enjo

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Dogs and Horses: Predators and Prey

There they are: Your two best friends. Fred has been your buddy since you were a teenager, sharing your victories and disappointments, always steadfast and reliable. Bonnie has only been part of your life for a couple of months, but you’ve hit i

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Feeding the Masses (Managing Multiple Horses Part 2)

Day after day, dollar after dollar, much of the cost and labor in horsekeeping is seeing that your horse gets the proper kind and amount of nutrition for his individual needs. Offer too much or over-supplement and you’re throwing money away at best. Skimp on feed quality or quantity and you potentially imperil your horse’s health. It’s important to budget wisely when you have only one or two

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Prevention for the Masses

Veterinary care doesn’t come cheap. While conscientious horse owners realize that disease prevention is ultimately cheaper than disease treatment, when you have five, or 15, or 50 horses to care for and limits on your budget, you need to look closely and think carefully about where to best spend your hard-earned dollars in order to obtain maximum protection for minimal cost. Here’s how severa

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Bursitis and Synovitis

A swelling on the limb that might or might not be accompanied by lameness could be the first sign of bursitis or synovitis. These are similar, moderately common inflammatory conditions of the structures that produce synovial (joint) fluid.

“When synovial structures become inflamed, distension (swelling) and pain can follow,” says Joanne Kramer, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, clinical assistant

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Feeding The Older Horse

Clearly, horses age differently, so when it comes to reconsidering the dietary program of the senior horse, it’s not a question of age, but of health.

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A Pain in the Hock

Bog and bone spavin don’t necessarily have to end your horse’s performance career, but they certainly require careful attention and care.

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Hunter’s Bump

Named for the sport in which it often occurs, hunter’s (or jumper’s) bump is a sometimes painful pelvic condition that affects performance and gait.

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Dealing With EPM Today

While West Nile virus continues to dominate headlines when it comes to equine health, researchers are working to unlock the mysteries of that other, not-quite-so-new disease–equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). High on the list is understanding the life cycle of the disease.

“Knowing about the life cycle is important because it would allow us to more effectively test treatment

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Deciphering Nutraceutical Labels

Did you ever go to the tack store and try to figure out the exact amounts per serving of each ingredient contained in some of the nutraceutical products? It can be an important issue if your horse’s joint supplement, vitamin supplement, and food product contain duplicate vitamins and minerals, some of which can be harmful if given in excess doses. But when ingredients are labeled as X parts

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