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Marian Carpenter

Marian Carpenter, a lifelong horsewoman and writer, is executive director of the Texas Equine Veterinary Association. She lives with her family and equine friends near Amarillo, Texas.

Articles by Marian Carpenter

Thinking Outside the Breeding Shed

Infertile mare? Deceased stallion? No problem! Equine reproduction is now high-tech enough to overcome these hurdles.

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Feeling Good About Giving

Once again, ’tis the season, and in most horsey households no gift list is complete until the names of equine friends appear right along with Uncle Joe and Cousin Mary Sue. As we do for our human friends and relatives, we want to get just the right gift–one that pleases both giver and receiver.

Needless to say, the Internet is a virtual wonderland of equine products and gift ideas. So

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Safe and Healthy Fencing: A Place Apart

In the end, remember that a pastured horse’s safety isn’t just determined by the materials and construction of the enclosing fence. Other factors to consider include his temperament and age, the number and choice of pasture mates and neighbors, the size of his pen or pasture, and the availability of foodstuffs.

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