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Nancy Zacks, MS

Nancy Zacks holds an M.S. in Science Journalism from the Boston University College of Communication. She grew up in suburban Philadelphia where she learned to ride over fields and fences in nearby Malvern, Pa. When not writing, she enjoys riding at an eventing barn, drawing and painting horses, volunteering at a therapeutic riding program, and walking with Lilly, her black Labrador Retriever.

Articles by Nancy Zacks, MS

Vaccinating Pregnant Mares for Equine Viral Arteritis

In the event of an equine viral arteritis (EVA) outbreak, is it safe to vaccinate your pregnant mare so she develops the immunity she needs to prevent infection and resulting abortion? The results of a recent collaborative study completed by

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Horse Reproduction Trends And Tools

Whether reproduction occurs through natural breeding or artificial insemination, techniques and tools exist to help mare and stallion owners achieve their final goal: a complication-free conception, a problem-free pregnancy, and a healthy foal. When fertility problems occur, a veterinarian with a specialty in equine reproduction can help provide the tools to ensure breeding success.

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Feeding the Immune System: Nutrient Support for Horses

The immune system is one of the most complex systems in the horse, consisting of an elaborate set of cells and cell mediators that respond to external factors such as stress, exercise, stage of life, and challenges from pathogens. Both humans and horses must consume nutrients to support all body systems, including the immune system. But how do we know which nutrients support the immune system?

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Fracture Types and Treatments

Of all the emergencies requiring veterinary intervention, a fracture requires some of the most intensive medical attention–from first aid, to repair, and, finally, to rehabilitation and recovery. Fortunately, even a serious fracture is not the death sentence it once was for horses.

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Study: Rein Modifiers Helpful for Novice Riding Lessons

A training martingale–a piece of equipment with rings on either side of the horse’s neck to stabilize rein position–might provide a more comfortable experience for lesson horses in novice riding programs.

In a study at Michigan State University, Camie Heleski, PhD, and her colleagues observed novice riders mounted on horses fitted with and without adjustable training martingales to see

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