Ryan Ferris, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT

Ryan Ferris, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT, owns Summit Equine in Newberg, Oregon, with his wife, Dr. Dora Ferris. The practice specializes in equine reproduction and sports medicine. He graduated from veterinary school at Washington State University in 2007 and then completed an internship in equine surgery, medicine and reproduction at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala in 2008. He subsequently completed a two-year equine theriogenology residency program at Colorado State University (CSU) and worked at its Equine Reproduction Laboratory from several years.

Articles by: Ryan Ferris, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT

Equine Genetics Research Center to Open in Australia

How to Get a Foal From a Performance Mare

Is your mare’s competitive career progressing, but you’d like to get a foal from her? Dr. Ryan Ferris gives an overview of how much time a mare needs off training for assisted reproductive techniques, such as embryo transfer.

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vaccinate horses against wnv; horse vaccines; protect horses against eee west nile; AVA: Events for Horses Without Hendra Protection is Risky

Vaccinating Pregnant Mares

Learn about what vaccines a broodmare should receive during gestation and why vaccinating mares is important for their foals from equine repro expert Dr. Ryan Ferris.

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Mare and foal

Get Ready for Equine Breeding Season!

Get your questions answered about breeding mares and stallions and producing top-quality, healthy foals during our live Q&A. We cover everything from selecting the right parents to gestational care to ensuring your foal’s safe delivery.

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10 EMS Resources on TheHorse.com

Breeding the Metabolic Mare

Is it safe to breed a mare who has equine metabolic syndrome and a history of laminitis? Reproduction expert Dr. Ryan Ferris offers insight.

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what is a foundation mare

What is a Foundation Mare?

Dr. Ryan Ferris explains the different meanings of “foundation mare” for a reader who owns one but isn’t sure what the term means.

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Cryptorchid Confusion

The horse I’m interested in buying is a cryptorchid. I really like the horse–should I not consider buying him?

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