Tracy Gantz

Tracy Gantz is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She is the Southern California correspondent for The Blood-Horse and a regular contributor to Paint Horse Journal, Paint Racing News, and Appaloosa Journal.

Articles by: Tracy Gantz

Diagnosing Equine Lameness Early; Nanoparticles to Diagnose

Diagnosing Equine Lameness Early

Catching and diagnosing equine lameness early, when you first notice something is “not quite right,” gives your horse a better chance for a quick recovery.

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Thrush: That Black

Horse Foot Bruises

The average horse is more likely to encounter a foot bruise than any other lameness. If you recognize the causes of foot bruises and understand their treatment and prevention, you can stave off discomfort in your horse and perhaps avoid an abscess.

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shoeing racehorses

Shoeing Racehorses at the Track

No matter what devices farriers use, their goal is the same: to give each horse the best opportunity to run to his potential. Here’s how they help racehorses succeed on the track.

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what racehorses wear

What Racehorses Wear

Specialized tack and equipment help horses run their best race. Here’s a look at some of the tack you might see racehorses sporting.

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health care for English sport horses

Health Care for English Sport Horses

Good footing, proper conditioning, balanced nutrition, and careful attention to joints and soft tissues are key to maintaining eventers, hunter/jumpers, and dressage horses.

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Caring for Racehorses

An ideal conditioning and racing program allows racehorses to perform at their peak, remain sound through their racing careers, and be ready to commence a second career in another discipline.

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