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Supporting Healthy Equine Blood Sugar

Healthy blood sugar is a major factor in equine health. When glucose is not efficiently delivered to or utilized by the target cells, a horse’s ability to produce sustained metabolic energy is greatly diminished. This can result in a series of

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Nutritional Support for the Lactating Mare and Growing Foal

When your mare is in foal, your main focus becomes her and the developing foal’s nutrition to support optimal health during gestation, lactation, and the first several months of the foal’s life. Improper nutrition during these key phases of development can have repercussions for the mare and foal for the rest of their lives.

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Providing Nutritional Support for the Equine Skeletal System

Throughout a horse’s life, bone adapts and changes continually in relationship to its environment. Osteochondrosis (OCD) is the failure of the bone to develop strong cross-linkage of collagen fibers (which affects the cartilage) and is most commonly caused by poor nutrition, mechanical trauma, and rapid growth, with nutrition being the most important. Lesions caused by OCD can result in serious

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