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AAEP Convention 2007

Milne: Neurologic Disease

Stephen Reed, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., described selected equine neurologic diseases during the prestigious Milne Lecture during the 2008 AAEP Convention. Reed discussed cervical vertebral stenotic myopathy (CVM), also known as Wobbler Syndrome, equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), and Equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1).

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9 Keys to Equine Nutrition

Lydia F. Gray, DVM, MA, medical director/staff veterinarian at SmartPak described nine keys to understanding equine nutrition at the Healthy Horses

Workshop during the 2008 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention. Topics included forage, supplementation, nutrient requirements, the digestive tract, nutrient classes, and body condition scoring.

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Lameness Research

Lameness was an important topic at the 2008 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention. Topics included arthritis treatments, extension tests, racetrack surfaces, navicular bursa injections, bone fragility syndrome, oral joint health supplements, nutraceuticals, sport horses, gaited horses and more.

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Surgery for spinal cord compression, cisplatin for skin cancers, fetlock joint fragment removal, fracture first aid, brain injury, and more topics fall under our medicine/surgery coverage from the convention.

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Foot Lameness in Horses

Equine authorities at the 2007 AAEP Convention discussed multiple topics relating to lameness in horses, including therapeutic shoeing, managing acute/chronic laminitis, wooden shoes, and stem cell therapy, as well as specific topics such as palmar process fractures of the coffin bone, nuclear scintigraphy, cannon bone stress fractures, and enostosis-like lesions.

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Arthritis in Horses

Treatments for osteoarthritis in horses, including the doxycycline antibiotic and the nutraceutical Myristol, were discussed at the 2007 AAEP Convention. Also discussed were the clinical efficacy and joint health parameters of Surpass (topical liposomal diclofenac cream) compared to those of the commonly used oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication phenylbutazone (Bute).

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Digestive Health in Horses

Experts at the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention discussed multiple topics related to equine digestive health, including sand colic, post-surgery stapling, hindgut acidosis, risk factors for gastric ulcers in Thoroughbreds, and alfalfa’s effects on ulcer severity.

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Horse Management

Strategies for safely airlifting horses were among several general management topics discussed at the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention. Other topics included back sensitivity, poisoning, dentistry, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

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Infectious Disease in Horses

Equine authorities discussed numerous infectious disease topics and studies during the 2007 AAEP Convention, including antibody titer levels, azithromycin to help prevent Rhodococcus equi infection, enrofloxacin to treat Leptospira infection of the eye, influenza/West Nile virus vaccines, dentistry, and Lawsonia.

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Nutrition Update

Nutrition topics from the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention included endocrine disorders, feeding tips, feeding after colic, geriatric horse nutrition, and managing carbohydrates.

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