Horse Sense (and Sensibility)


Choose My Adventure

Choose Your Own My Adventure All work and no play. You know how the saying goes. Same applies to horsesÑall work and no play does

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An Equine Health Enigma

Sometimes you never know what’s going to set a horse off. In a physical ailment sort of way, I mean. We work with sensitive creatures–intricately

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Resources for Injured Riders

If you spend enough hours in the saddle, it’s likely you’ll one day have an unfortunate rendezvous with gravity and sustain an injury that at

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Biosecurity: Better Safe …

I thought it a bit strange yesterday when I saw a pink-handled pitchfork and broom hanging from a stall door of the isolation facility at

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New Faces

Welcome to my new blog (… and my apologies to Jane Austen)! I’m Stephanie Church, the new editor-in-chief of The Horse. The landscape around The

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Seasonal Manure Changes

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