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Showground Shock Wave

Strolling through the Kentucky Horse Park barns on schooling day before last week’s show, I heard a familiar, monotonous POW-POW-POW-POW-POW. It was the sound of

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Mares Will Be Mares

Maybe I’m biased because I own two of them, but I do love a good mare. Like many riders, I believe a mare who loves

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In Pursuit of Long-Lost Horses

Unlike my colleague Erica, author of our “Old Horses: Better with Age” blog, I don’t have much experience managing senior horses. Most of my former

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Post-Vaccination Riding

Last Wednesday was a particularly spectacular spring day. After some recent April showers, the sun was shining, the grass looked a few shades greener, and

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Equine Athletes and Their Feet

Working for a horse health publication has its many perks–including the freedom to race out to the barn midday for veterinarian and farrier visits. I’ve

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I Love My Veterinarian Because …

While asking fellow horse owners recently what they love most about their equine veterinarians, nearly every response began with, “Oh I love my vet. She’s

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Winter Riding Realizations

I’ve rarely had to battle the elements in order to ride during the winter. For the first 22 years of my life, both my horses

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Icelandic Horses are Athletes Too

When temperatures plummeted to subzero last week in the Bluegrass, most horse owners and their steeds bundled up and stayed inside. The numbing cold turned

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Caring for Cutting Horses … Er, Ponies

In 2012 editor-in-chief Stephanie Church started an editorial tradition: Once a year our four-strong team of dressage/eventing/hunter/jumper riders takes a horsey field trip to try

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