Breeding Shed

Breeding Dummy Design

Breeding Dummy Design

Are there size recommendations for a building a breeding dummy for a Quarter Horse stallion?

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Researchers Study Early Postpartum Breeding in Horses

10 Steps for Successful Live Cover

Live cover breeding of horses remains a popular choice. Whatever your reason for choosing this method, these 10 tips will be useful as you plan a mating. Attention to safety and behavior go a long way in making the experience positive and successful.

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What Makes Some Stallion Semen Subpar?

Stallions Ready for Action

Before your stallion heads to the shed, make sure he’s in peak physical health and mentally prepared to handle the rigors of the breeding season.

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The Business of Breeding

Breeding in the horse world breaks down into a few categories: field breeding (where the horses just do what comes naturally) live cover in a breeding shed, and artificial insemination. The tools of the trade range from very basic to high-tech

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A Day in the Life of A Breeding Farm

A world away from hitting the finish line of a classic race in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, the dream is reborn. In the quiet of a gray winter morning, when the earth throws its warmth off into the cold air and

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Ground vs. Breeding Mount Semen Collection

We have show pony breeding stallions, and as of last year are doing almost all shipped semen. This year we are seriously thinking about expanding our business to offer semen collection and shipping services for outside stallions, which will

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Restraint Techniques for Breeding

When a mare and a stallion meet, love might be in the air…but there’s the potential for danger, too. Particularly when humans get in the middle of it all. In our efforts to orchestrate the best possible combinations of

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Breeding Facilities

Any way you look at it, building a barn is a major undertaking. Doing it right the first time, to avoid headaches later, is the smart approach. In addition to the usual considerations of location, aesthetics, cost, and

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AI Training For Stallions

Given the choice, a stallion wouldn’t choose to mate with man-made devices. His instincts drive him to breed a mare; yet he can learn to transfer his sexual focus to a phantom mare and an artificial vagina (AV). In order to train a stallion fo”P>Given the choice, a stallion wouldn’t choose to mate with man-made devices

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