Orphaned Foals

orphan foal behavior; UK to Host 2018 Equine Showcase

Orphan Foal Behavior

An equine behavior expert offers advice on raising and training an orphan foal to reduce future unwanted behaviors.

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feeding the orphan foal; Feeding Horses for Joint Health

Feeding the Orphan Foal

Orphan foals raised with a correct balance of nutrients and monitored for growth, food consumption, and weight gain can be every bit as tall, strong, and athletic as foals raised by their dams.

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igg in horses; 10-day-old Foal at Hospital Out for Sun

10 IgG Resources on TheHorse.com

Your horse needs a strong immune system to stand up to the challenges that come with living outdoors, commingling with other equids, and more. Critical to that immune system are infection-fighting proteins called antibodies (immunoglobulin G, or IgG). How much do you know about your horse’s IgG levels?

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Equine Life Stages: Foals

Birth to 6 months is a time of rapid change for foals. Nutrition, disease prevention, and much more are all vital to foal health. Learn how to help your young one thrive and get your questions answered during our hour-long special event!

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Feeding Orphan Foals (AAEP Convention 2012)

Dr. Mary Rose Paradis discusses options and methods for feeding orphan foals. Learn about inducing lactation in barren mares, using milk substitutes, feeding orphans with milk from other species, and more.

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Key Issues Discussed at Kentucky Immigration Forum

The fairly new concept of e-verification for immigration workers was one of the topics at a March 8 forum hosted by Blue Grass Farms Charities in conjunction with attorneys from Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs in Lexington, Ky. About 40 Thoroughbred

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Foaling, also referred to as parturition, is the process of a mare giving birth to a foal. Foaling occurs approximately 338 to 345 days from the last breeding date; however, this time period can range from 320 to 365 days or more.

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