Feeding Foals and Young Horses

Proper nutrition, of course, is a critical factor in raising a healthy, sound foal–both for the broodmare before the foal is born as well as for the mare and foal throughout the foal’s development.

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Weaning Horses

Weaning can be quite stressful for foals, mares, and their owners.

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The Heartbreak of Separation Anxiety

Separating horses from their buddies can be problematic and sometimes even dangerous to horse and handler?here?s how to ease the pain of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a relatively common condition among horses,

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feeding weanling horses; feeding weanlings

Weaning Foals

There are many ways to wean foals, so choose a method that will work best for your horses and farm.

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Weaning Strategies

No one looks forward to weaning time. There’s nothing quite as heart-rending as the sound of a panicky foal, galloping up and down the fence line calling desperately for the mother who’s been taken away–unless it’s the sound of his dam calling

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