Increase in Cases of Placentitis Reported in Kentucky

The University of Kentucky Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is reporting an increase in the number of cases of fetuses and placentas submitted to the laboratory and diagnosed with nocardioform placentitis.

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Systemic Therapy in the High-Risk Mare

Several conditions can threaten pregnancy in the late gestational mare. C.S. Bailey, DVM, who is completing a theriogenology residency at the University of Florida and Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Ky., said some of these

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Early Arrivals

Premature deliveries don’t occur frequently, but when they do, difficult decisions must often be made.

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Equine Venereal Disease

Open Mares

An experienced veterinarian can help to determine why a seemingly healthy mare can’t become pregnant.

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Mare Milking Early

I have a Paso Fino mare whose due date is three months away and her milk bag is full, hot, and dripping very white milk. She has been waxed over for about a week now, but thankfully she seems to be in no distress. I can find no one with this

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Placentitis-Causing Bacterium Gets Name

Each year throughout the United States, mares lose their pregnancies due to placentitis or an infection in the placenta. Placentitis causes lesions in the placenta, which provides nourishment from the mare to the fetus. When that nourishment is

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Unusual Placentitis Cases Decrease

The cases of nocardioform placentitis in Central Kentucky fell from 144 cases during the 1999 foaling season to 48 in 2000, according to a report in Equine Disease Quarterly, a publication funded by Underwriters At Lloyd’s of London,

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