Ear Problems

Why Does My OTTB Tilt Her Head

Why Does My OTTB Tilt Her Head?

An OTTB who’s been off the track for three months tilts her head during bridling and at liberty. Could she be in pain? An internal medicine specialist weighs in.

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All Ears

These uniquely designed features come with their own distinct health issues.

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Earplugs for Equines: Can You Hear Me Now?

“If you are going to submit your horse to repetitive loud noises, earplugs are a good idea,” said Lucy Hirsch, DVM, of Jackson Animal Clinic, in Platte City, Mo. The bonus? Not only can they protect the horse’s ears, they can help the horse perform m

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How to Block the Ear

A few horses out there like to have their ears rubbed, but many are tolerant of ear handling at best, and violently ear shy at worst. When these horses need to have veterinary work done around their ears, such as biopsies or stitching of

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Damaged Ear Repaired

A horse’s ear is designed distinguishing fine sounds at the same time protecting the sensitive inner structures and communicating with herdmates. The ear of an 18-month-old Belgian Warmblood filly was injured, which resulted in the ear

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