Purchase Exams


Preparing to Buy a Horse

The decision to buy a horse is a big one, and like all major decisions, it should be made with a great deal of thought, consideration, and planning.

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Understanding the Prepurchase Exam

Understanding what to expect from the exam and getting an upfront idea of what tests you might be willing to spring for—and under what circumstances—will prepare you for the veterinarian’s visit and help you make the right choices for your needs, your pocketbook, and your dreams.

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Purchase Exam at Auction (AAEP 2005)

While consignors used to hate these exams, they are now very welcoming of it because it’s opportunity for them to assess action on the horse (how many people are seriously looking at the horse).

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Pre-Purchase Exams (AAEP 2005)

“A pre-purchase exam is only one factor to help you decide if you are going to purchase an animal,” said Craig Roberts, DVM, an Ocala, Fla., practitioner. purchase exams are designed to discover a horse’s unique concerns and discuss the management

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What’s My Horse Really Worth?

Sometimes circumstances make it necessary to determine the actual monetary value of a horse. If an owner purchases a mortality insurance policy on a horse, for example, it is necessary to know approximately how much it will cost to replace

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Purchase Exams Table Topic

Purchase examinations are a big bone of contention in many equine sale situations–not so much over the necessity of them, but over what exactly needs to be evaluated and how to interpret the results. Rick Mitchell, DVM, of Fairfield Equine

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Horse Auctions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

For some, a horse auction is an excellent place for buyer and seller to meet and arrive at fair market value for an animal. To others, a horse auction is the place where good money was spent on a horse which couldn’t, or didn’t, perform up to expectations.

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Pre-Sale Questions

A pre-sale veterinary examination for a horse of any age in any discipline should address two questions. Can this particular individual, in the opinion of the examiner, be expected–barring illness or injury–to reach competition in a timely

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Radiographs and Selecting Racehorses

Veterinarians should select racehorses at auction, not “radiographically clean horses,” Thoroughbred farm Three Chimneys’ resident veterinarian Jim Morehead, DVM, told Australia’s leading equine veterinarians at a yearling radiographic seminar

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Purchase Exam: What Does It Do For You?

Purchasing a horse means embarking on an exciting adventure. It is a big step along a path of realizing equestrian dreams and goals, no matter how small or large these might be. A new horse becomes part of your family and a distinctive part of

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Vet’s Role in Purchase Exams

 The purchase examination can be one of the most confusing aspects of buying a horse. It might take weeks, or even months, of searching to find the most suitable horse. Then your efforts are held under the discretion of the examining

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AAEP Convention 2001: Veterinary Forums

The day before the scientific sessions started during the AAEP Convention, there was a series of forums and committee meetings. These were moderated by selected experts in those fields, and were open to anyone for a majority of the time. The las

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AAEP Convention 2001: General Medicine

Hormone Responses to Feeds

Joe Pagan, PhD, owner of Kentucky Equine Research in Versailles, Ky., discussed glycemic response in growing horses as an indicator of developmental orthopedic disease. He said looking at diet and

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Importance of a Purchase Exam

There are so many unknowns about a horse that you want to minimize any surprises you may get down the road. Purchasing a horse is an exciting and uplifting experience, and you want your expectations to be fulfilled. In order to avoid any

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Forelimb Flexion Test

You’ve decided to sell your horse and the potential buyer has sent a veterinarian to your farm to perform a purchase exam. As you stand beaming with satisfaction next to who you hope will be the new owner, the veterinarian picks up

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lameness exam

Prepurchase Exam

The purchase examination of the horse has become an important part of the horse industry.

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