Don't Let Deworming Myths Keep You Up

Horse Deworming Facts

Deworming doesn’t have to be dull! Brush up on your parasite control knowledge with these expert-approved facts.

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Poll Recap: Horse Housing

Bringing Your Horse Home

Before you bring a horse home, there’s a host of things to prepare and much to consider. Our sources share their recommendations for owners making the transition to at-home horse care.

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Forage-First Diets for Horses

Equine nutritionists and veterinarians agree: Forage should be the cornerstone of the equine diet. Our experts answered your questions about hay, beet pulp, alfalfa, pellets, and more. Discover what they had to say! Sponsored by Standlee Premium Western Forage.

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Horses Grazing in Pasture

Fixing an Overgrazed Horse Pasture

Without a doubt, horses are hard on pastures. Equine forage researcher Krishona Martinson, PhD, MS, of the University of Minnesota, offers tips on helping an overgrazed pasture recover.

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How to Start a New Horse Pasture

Equine forage researcher Krishona Martinson, PhD, MS, of the University of Minnesota, explains the steps involved in turning newly cleared property into a productive horse pasture.

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Do Domestic Mares Abort Fetuses to Protect Them? Maybe

Managing Horses on Pastures of 1 Acre or Less

What’s the best way to keep two horses on a half-acre pasture? Equine forage researcher Krishona Martinson, PhD, MS, says small pastures less than 1 acre are common and offers advice to keep them productive.

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Seasonal Manure Changes

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