Horsekeeping On Small Acreage

When it comes to small horse pastures, pasturettes, or ranchettes, less equals more. More stress on pasture grasses, more likelihood of overgrazing, more pressure on fencing, more routine maintenance. But with proper management, pasturettes can

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Fescue Toxicosis And Treatment

When tall fescue first arrived in the United States during the 1940s, it was considered a wonder grass. It was easy to establish, it yielded a good amount of forage, it was tolerant of a wide range of management regimens, and it could handle a

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Your Interactive Fence

Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal response. You click–your computer displays a response. Your horse clicks an electric fence, and it shocks him. The interactivity cues the horse to respect th”P>Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal respo

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Pasture Perfect

Maintaining horses on pasture rather than in stalls has several advantages. Not only does it cut down on barn chores and the amount of bedding your operation will go through, but it provides horses with the chance to exercise themselves at will

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