Club Feet


Upright Foals

Some foals sharing the same sire are all walking on their tiptoes and are very upright. Is this genetic?

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Club Foot (Book Excerpt)

Acquired flexural deformity of the coffin joint is often referred to as “club foot.” The foot’s appearance can vary from dished with the heel raised to a boxy shape with the hoof wall nearly perpendicular to the ground.

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AAEP 2002 Podiatry Forum

?The horse?s foot is so integral to most of what we do in equine practice,? said moderator Gayle Trotter, DVM, MS, professor in clinical sciences at Colorado State University, in the Podiatry forum on Dec. 12 at the American Association of Equin

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Club Feet in Adult Horses

Some women love high heels. Walking in them might take some getting used to, but they provide the perfect look for big-city club-hopping or schmoozing at the latest gallery opening. They’re not so great, though, for jogging or other sports. A

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The Club Foot

My weanling’s foot seems a bit boxy. My veterinarian said it sounds like he has a club foot. What does this mean?

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Club Foot Concerns

Club feet might be one of the most common growth problems in young horses. Affecting youngsters primarily between birth and 6 months of age, the club foot actually is a flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (coffin joint) caused

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