Heat Stress

Poll Recap: Public or Private Lands for Horseback Riding?

Keeping Horses Cool

Heat and humidity are major concerns for the horse since heat-related illness can be dangerous–even fatal.

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Emergency Care at Endurance Events

Endurance rides are often held in wilderness areas without good road access, posing a challenge when trying to reach a horse in distress. A Treatment Veterinarian should be equipped with sufficient horsepower (vehicle, ATV, or horse) to reach a horse

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AAEP 2008: Olympic Veterinary Care

What’s it like to be an equine veterinarian behind the scenes at the Olympic Games? Horse owners got to hear about the experience at the Healthy Horses Workshop of the 2008 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention (held Dec. 6-10

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Equine Pampering of Olympic Proportions

By now, the Swiss dressage team might be feeling pangs of regret at its decision not to enter the 2008 Olympic equestrian competition.

Citing concerns about weather conditions and pollution, the Swiss

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Cooling Systems Help Olympic Horses Beat the Heat

Years of in-depth preparation, planning, and some luck combined to make cross-country at the 2008 Olympics a success, according to vets on the scene.

“We were lucky with the weather,” said Foreign Veterinary Delegate Leo Jeffcott, MA,

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Olympic Horse Safety: Team Monitors Hong Kong Weather

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has deployed a dedicated team of meteorologists to provide weather information at the equestrian event venues to ensure that both the organizers and the public are fully informed of the weather conditions during

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Animal Welfare Group Tours Hong Kong Olympic Stables

Representatives of the Animal Welfare Advisory Group (AWAG) visited the Sha Tin and Beas River Olympic equestrian facilities in Hong Kong June 24.

“It’s very impressive,” said AWAG spokesperson Chan Pui-tin. “Before I came here I had a lot

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Readers Respond: Loving Summer

More than 1,100 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, “What activities will you do with your horse this summer?”

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Use Careful Management to Avoid Equine Heat Stress

With temperatures rising higher as summer approaches, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin is cautioning horse owners to be sure that their animals do not become victims to the heat.

During the summer, measures should always

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