Winter Care


Ward Off Winter

If you live where you have changing seasons, winter is a challenge. While you might be partial to winter weather and the recreational pleasures it provides, you probably also appreciate the many problems it creates for you at the

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Blankets and Blanketing

Most outdoor horses are better off without blankets, but a blanket can help keep a horse comfortable when trailering, during a severe winter storm, or when a horse is sick and having trouble staying warm.

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Feeding in Winter

A horse’s nutrient requirements increase with cold weather; he needs more calories to generate heat to keep warm.

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Winter Riding

Give your horse longer warm-up and cooling-out time in cold weather to prevent tendon injury. Frozen ground, cold temperatures, and stiff tendons (not warmed up) can result in damage or even a bowed tendon.

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Prepare for Winter Now

Summer might still be going strong where you are, but we all know that sooner or later winter will be on its way, bringing shorter days, colder temperatures, and in many regions, snow and ice. For horse owners, winter is a true test of one’s

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Frozen Feed?

Have you heard of horses getting colic from frozen sweet feeds?

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Mild Winter Weather: Affect on Horses

It is well-accepted that the foal losses and other problems seen in several states in the spring of 2001 were triggered by environmental factors, meaning weather. Farmers and livestock managers have known for years that weather conditions affect the

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Winter Messages

It will be late January when you receive this issue of the magazine. Winter already has been tough on many of us, and on our horses.

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Winter Stress

Winter weather can be responsible for stress that compromises a horse’s health.

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Blanket Fraud?

All blankets are not created equal. This is especially true for blanket manufacturing company Rose America Corp., which discovered blankets they didn’t make were being sold in packages bearing a photo copied directly from Rose America packaging.

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Winter Shelter

On long winter nights, would our horses rather be outside or warm and dry in a barn?

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Blanket Coverage for Your Horse

Horse blanket manufacturers have taken advantage of many of the warm, lightweight fabrics developed for skiers, incorporating them into stormproof, windproof, chafeproof, practically bulletproof creations which, while marvels of engineering, can put

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caring for senior horses in cold weather; Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know

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