Are Appeasing Pheromones Effective in Horses?

Help for Heavy Horses

Does your horse have asthma? UPenn’s Dr. Rose Nolen-Walston shares management tips for offering your horse relief.

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Does Your Saddle Hurt Your Horse?

Jochen Schleese, founder of Schleese Saddlery, shows what behaviors tell you that your saddle hurts your horse and discusses how a saddle should fit.

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Treatment Options for Equine Diarrhea

Dr. Joanna Robson of Inspiritus Equine in Napa, Calif., discusses some of the options for treating equine diarrhea, including using probiotics for balancing digestive microflora, deworming, and reducing stress.

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Your Barn’s First-Aid Kit (for Humans)

Learn what first-aid supplies you should have on hand for the humans working in and visiting your barn with Dr. Roberta Dwyer of the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center.

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