Equine Corneal Ulcer Cytology: Why and How

Laboratory Diagnosis of EHV-1

Dr. Udeni Balasuriya of the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center shares information about diagnosing equine herpesvirus-1 and interpreting test results.

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Feeding the Picky Pre-PPID Horse

Feeding the Sick Horse

Dr. Ginger Rich of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting in Eads, Tenn., discusses feeding practices for horses with ulcers, respiratory disease, laminitis, and more.

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Novel Equine Metabolic Syndrome Therapies

In this UK Lecture Series video, Dr. Amanda Adams defines equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), explains how the EMS horse is more than “just a fat horse,” and presents new treatment and management approaches for this ever-expanding equine condition.

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Approach to Assisted Equine Reproduction

Rob Foss, DVM, of Equine Medical Services in Columbia, Mo., discusses equine reproductive technology, including oocyte transfer, embryo cryoperservation, in-vitro oocyte maturation, in-vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and more.

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Endometritis in Mares

Discussion of endometritis in mares, what causes it, and how it’s treated with Mats Troedsson, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACT, ECAR, chairman of the department of veterinary sciences at the Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky.

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How Young is Too Young to Start a Horse Under Saddle

Muscle Power: Muscle Mass in Growing Equine Athletes

Discussion of the management of muscle mass in growing athletic horses and in aging horses, includes dietary considerations such as protein and “muscle-building” supplements, by Dr. Kristine Urschel of the University of Kentucky.

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Equine Melanoma: We Need to Help the Old Gray Mare

What exactly is equine malignant melanoma, and how can we control it? How does melanoma in horses, especially gray horses, contribute to our knowledge of melanoma progression and treatment in humans? Dr. John Robertson of Virginia Tech explains.

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Equine Abortion Diagnosis and Beyond

Learn about the latest microbiological methods for detecting the cause of a mare’s abortion with Dr. Erdal Erol of the University of Kentucky’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

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