Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Vet Procedures


Pain Management in Horses

Dr. Anthony Blikslager offers insight to vets on recognizing horses in pain and covers drug therapy options.

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In-Depth: Understanding Radiographs (X rays)

Dr. Liberty Getman, a surgeon at Tennessee Equine Hospital, describes the differences between plain-film, computed, and digital radiographs (X ray) and shows how a veterinarian takes digital radiographs of a horse’s lower leg.

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Compounding Drugs

There are two main types of pharmaceutical drugs: those manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and are FDA approved; and those that are “compounded” by either a licensed veterinarian or pharmacist. In equine medicine, compounded drugs are only considered if a horse needs to be treated with a medication but no FDA-approved formulation is licensed for horses.

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Dentistry in Horses

Horses’ teeth are very different from humans, and they need special dental care at least annually. Learn about routine dental exams, common dental problems, and routine equine dentistry procedures with Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji.

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