Contura Vet Opens US Office, Assuming Distribution of Arthramid®Vet, Synamid® and Mictamid®

Contura Vet, the veterinary subsidiary of Contura International LTD, has announced the opening of their first US based office and has assumed all marketing and distribution activities to veterinarians for their three veterinary products.
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FRANKLIN, TN — October 19, 2021 – Contura Vet, the veterinary subsidiary of Contura International LTD, has announced the opening of their first US based office and has assumed all marketing and distribution activities to veterinarians for their three veterinary products. Arthramid®Vet, Synamid® and Mictamid® belong to a family of patented polyacrylamide hydrogels (PAAG) for intra-articular and urethral injection, following a 20-year legacy of Contura International’s portfolio of PAAG’s for human use. Arthramid®Vet and Synamid® are the first PAAG’s labeled for veterinary use in the USA for non-infectious causes of joint disease in horses and dogs including all stages of osteoarthritis (OA) and degenerative joint disease (DJD). Mictamid® is labeled for the management of urinary incontinence. This portfolio of products brings innovative solutions to veterinarians for the management of conditions with high incidence rates in practices.

Contura Vet’s PAAG products have been used in the horse for 10 years around the world. The early adoption and safety profile of Arthramid®Vet and Synamid® in horses and dogs highlight veterinarians desire and comfort level in moving away from long-term NSAID and corticosteroid treatments in their patients. Continued scrutiny in the horse racing industry around the use of corticosteroids and performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) sheds light on the need for a better way to manage OA in equine athletes. The potential welfare-enhancing benefits and promise of reducing the use of corticosteroids & PED’s in racehorses is an added benefit to this innovative product.

Arthramid®Vet is injected intra-articularly. A biocompatible hydrogel matrix forms in the joint capsule, stabilizing the joint and synovium increasing the elasticity of the joint. These mechanisms help facilitate a reduction in discomfort associated with joint disease and reduces lameness by improving joint function. Arthramid®Vet is an inert substance, therefore does not achieve its intended purposes through metabolization or chemical action. There is no disruption of nerve function.

Arthramid®Vet works within damaged joints by stimulating endogenous activity of synoviocytes via tissue ingrowth into the hydrogel matrix. This means it will be useful in all stages of osteoarthritis including the earliest stage, commonly known as synovitis. Dr. Nancy Loving, in a March 2020 article about the use of polyacrylamide hydrogels in horses, wrote “With chronic synovitis, synovial fluid within the degraded synovial membrane recesses and inhibits tissue growth and interferes with disease modification. Injected hydrogel lays across the synovial membrane and its absorption enables proliferation and differentiation of intimal cells and fibroblasts to thicken the membrane and produce normal synovial fluid within the joint to counteract inflammatory mediators such as cytokines.”

Leading veterinarians experienced with Arthramid®Vet know how beneficial it can be. Dr Marc Koene – Founder and Partner at the internationally known Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH Equine Hospital in Northern Germany stated, “I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid®Vet worldwide and have now used Arthramid®Vet for over 10 years in our clinic. It has been a major game-changer in the way we treat OA in our patients.”

Osteoarthritis accounts for up to 60% of lameness in horses and is a debilitating, performance-limiting condition. Current treatments for OA in horses include injections of corticosteroids often combined with hyaluronic acid. Arthramid®Vet contains no active pharmaceutical ingredients and the hydrogel material contained in Arthramid®Vet’s patented formula is hydrophilic, homogenous, biocompatible, viscoelastic, and is completely non-toxic. No allergic reactions have been reported to date.

A recently published double-blinded positive control study in racing Thoroughbreds with carpal OA showed 83% of Arthramid®Vet 2.5% PAAG treated joints were lame free at 6 weeks vs. 27% for Triamcinolone (corticosteroid) and 40% HA (hyaluronic acid) (p<0.05); published September 2021.

Michaela M. Arcaro, COO of Contura Vet stated, “We are very excited to have a permanent presence in the United States market. We believe our patented PAAG hydrogels represent a meaningful new alternative in the management of osteoarthritis and urinary incontinence for horses and dogs. Our strong presence in the OA and UI market worldwide makes us keenly aware of the growing need for these products in the veterinary market in the USA. Our products provide veterinary practitioners with a new tool in the ever-present fight against osteoarthritis and urinary incontinence; they will make a positive impact on the overall welfare of the animals managed with them. This will also result in secondary positive impacts to the owners of these animals as they see improvement in their beloved horses and dogs. It’s really a trifecta of positivity – veterinarians have a new tool to better address debilitating conditions in their patients, animals reap the health and welfare benefits of receiving these new therapies and their owners find relief in improving the quality of life of their animals.”

Learn more about Contura Vet’s products and place orders here:

About Contura International LTD and Contura Vet

Contura and Contura Vet bring together the combined experience of bioengineering and veterinary expertise in the development of products for the treatment of osteoarthritis and urinary incontinence in humans, horses, and dogs. For more than two decades, we have been developing the functionality of our hydrogel products across multiple therapeutic areas in order to deliver better quality of life to patients. In addition to our patented technology, we work with international pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers which enables us to offer comprehensive treatment options. By working with the scientific community and using our extensive expertise, we seek out new areas where our unique hydrogel technology offers significant advantages over existing technologies. Our hydrogel products are developed and produced in our state-of-the-art GMP-approved manufacturing facility in Denmark. Our products are the only veterinary polyacrylamides available in the USA manufactured in an FDA approved facility. We offer the safe choice for horses and dogs.


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