Revolutionary New Approach in Equine Heart Rate Monitoring

A new type of the Insta-Pulse® Equine heart rate monitor, the model 109 could be an indispensable tool for equine cardiovascular health management.

Champlain, NY, Nov.2, 2021-– Biosig Instruments Inc. a leader in heart rate technology since 1975 is introducing a new type of the Insta-Pulse® Equine heart rate monitor, the model 109. This unique device delivers precision and ease of use. Just gently touch your horse torso and the Insta-Pulse® turns on automatically and continually monitors each beat of a horse’s heart, displays heart rate and variation of the heart rate. It monitors ECG, electrical activity generated by a horse’s heart, simply instantly accurately with a simple touch.

In the past Biosig Instruments Inc. had developed a wireless heart rate monitor for horses. However it requires cumbersome combination of a transmitter and receiver. Only with the invention of the Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse® heart rate technology of the balanced EMG/ECG sensors it become possible to monitor heart rate with a simple touch. Insta-Pulse® Equine Heart Rate Monitor Model 109 is the result of an implementation of this unique technology. The Insta-Pulse® is a lightweight, compact heart rate monitor optimized for ease of use and accuracy. A hand held unit with a baton shaped body and spring loaded sensors for fast and accurate heart rate monitoring. The optimum size of the device is allowing for an easy approach to the equine and a clear view of the LCD display. The Insta-Pulse® model 109 is self-contained, 9 volt battery operated, waterproof, weatherproof device. Its rugged non-corrosive body is engineered to sustain shocks and falls. The Insta-Pulse® state-of-the-art technology insures an artifact-free and maintenance free Equine heart rate monitoring. The Insta-Pulse® Equine Heart Monitor model 109 is now available at:

About Biosig Instruments Inc.

Biosig instruments Inc. –R@D and manufacturer of unique health and fitness products since 1975. Winner of international awards, medals & diplomas from invention conventions held in USA, Geneva, Brussels, Germany, Argentina, Japan. Gregory Lekhtman is an inventor and founder of Biosig Instruments Inc. Its technologies are instrumental in the development of the latest trends in fitness. Biosig Instruments also patented and produced a family of the Insta-Pulse® heart rate monitors, heart rate sensors and fitness computers. Biosig Instruments heart rate technologies are used by international manufacturers such as Polar, Nordic Track, Star Track, Sharper Image, Sony, Cybex, Nautilus, and many others.


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