Bureau of land Management (BLM) personnel and law enforcement authorities from the Emery County, Utah, Sheriff’s Office are investigating the alleged harassment of wild horses residing on the McKay Flat near Castle Dale.

Lisa Reid, BLM representative, said her agency received photographs and a video of wild horses roaming the area on July 9. The photographer said the images depict individuals allegedly chasing the horses using motorcycles.

In a separate statement, Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said his department received a report about the same incident. His statement said a group of volunteer search and rescue team members were in the area to locate a father and daughter reported missing overnight. After finding the pair, the team members drove further into the McKay Flat and unloaded their dirt bikes to explore a faster route into the area, the statement said.

Funk reported the complaint to BLM law enforcement.

Both Reid and Funk declined further comment on the ongoing investigation.