Last week we asked our readers what type of halter they primarily use on their horse. More than 1,200 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,228 respondents, 378 (31%) said they primarily use flat nylon halters for their horses, while 338 (28%) primarily use rope halters on their horses. Another 288 respondents (23%) said their horses wear leather halters, and 185 people (15%) use a safety combination of nylon and leather halters. The remaining 39 respondents’ (3%) horses wear a different kind of halter.

Additionally, more than 300 people left comments about their halter preferences:

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Many people commented on using rope halters for horses:

  • “I own a draft-cross that tends to get pushy, especially around food…including grass; she respects the rope.”
  • “Thin to win. Rope halter teaches and controls better.”
  • “It is easy to tie your own. Good quality rope and a few hours…voila: a halter that fits!”
  • “I use a rope halter for walking, tying, and riding (instead of a bit/bridle) for my horse’s comfort.”
  • “I like rope halters for training.”
  • “I’m an equine vet tech and rope halters fit a lot of different-sized horses.”
  • “I’m a farrier and I always bring my rope halters with me.”
  • “I wrap rope halter with padding at pressure points