The Ocala Breeders’ Sales Co. (OBS) will begin implementing guidelines for controlled therapeutic medications at its 2-year-olds in training under-tack shows this spring that follow the uniform medication model rules created by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI).

Starting with its March 2-year-olds in training sale’s under-tack show, the Central Florida auction house will enforce the RCI medication schedule for administering non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and bronchodilators. The sales company will incorporate the entire RCI medication schedule by the 2016 2-year-olds sales season.

"In addition to existing state regulations, random testing during our breeze shows has been in effect for many years," said OBS president Tom Ventura, noting that OBS has implemented restrictions on the use of medications and prohibited the use of all Class 1 and Class 2 drugs, furosemide, and procaine penicillin. "Adding the (RCI) guidelines will enhance our current policy and promote the movement toward uniform race-day medication rules throughout the country."

Ongoing efforts to create a uniform medication policy for racing have been a collaborative effort by several industry groups including the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, The Jockey Club, and RCI. Many racing states have adopted or are in the process of adopting the model rule policies. A state bill that would implement the RCI model rules by January 2016 has been introduced in both Florida’s Senate and House of Representatives.

"OBS fully supports the bill being considered by the Florida legislature at the upcoming legi