Today’s technology allows us to be connected with people in a variety of ways. In last week’s poll, we asked our readers how they communicate most with their horse’s veterinarian. More than 650 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 690 respondents, 378 (55%) said they communicate most with their horse’s vet by phone, while 145 (21%) said talk to their vet in person. Another 108 respondents (16%) said they communicate with their veterinarian by text message. Only 51 respondents (7%) said they use email to communicate with their horse’s vet, and the remaining 8 people (1%) use another means of communication.

Additionally, 51 people commented on how they communicate with their horse’s vet:  

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Many people commented that they communicate with their vet by phone:

  • “I use a phone call first, then a barn call, if needed.”
  • “(My vet) is unfailing in his response to my calls. If he is busy or driving, he calls and visits.”
  • “I mainly use phone and occasionally email.”
  • “I usually use the phone unless an in-person visit is necessary.”
  • “My vet is of the ‘older generation’ (as am I) and communicates mostly by phone or in person.”
  • “Luckily, I just needed to phone to schedule appointments. I’ve had no emergencies in a long time.”