In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers if they had considered adopting a wild horse from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or National Parks Service. More than 600 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!  

Of the 620 respondents, 266 (43%) individuals said they would like to adopt a wild horse, but have not done so yet. Another 249 respondents (40%) said they have not considered adopting, while the remaining 105 individuals (17%) said they have adopted a wild horse or burro.

Additionally, more than 80 people commented on their responses and experiences in adopting a wild horse or donkey:

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Several respondents commented about their experiences with wild horse adoption:

  • “I adopted two burros which are used to keep foxes and coyotes out of pastures. Great animals!”
  • “She has been the light of my life for 19 years. So much personality, sweet, very gentle … she’s a pleasure.”
  • “Actually, my wild ‘horse’ is a donkey. I adopted him as an 8-month-old in September of 2001.”
  • “A dream come true in so many ways! Not a single regret. Wish I had done it sooner.”
  • “I love their personality after the bonding. They’re very quiet to train and ride.”
  • “My granddaughter did about 4 months ago. Callie will become a dressage horse.”
  • “Many friends hav