Hilltop Bio Reduces Pricing for 2023

Hilltop Bio is pleased to announce that it has adjusted its prices to make its products more affordable for veterinarians and their clients.
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Mansfield, MA – Jan 2023 – Hilltop Bio is pleased to announce that it has adjusted its prices to make its products more affordable for veterinarians and their clients.

Hilltop Bio CEO, Amanda Drobnis, explained,

“Through advancements in our cGMP, cGTP manufacturing processes, we’ve introduced efficiencies that have reduced some of our production costs. With the ever growing expense of owning a practice and the multitude of product options available to veterinarians, we’re happy to pass along those savings to our customers. We’re excited to offer Regenaflex-RT at a price that is more affordable to the veterinarian and, ultimately, to the horse owner.”

The regenerative therapy industry has seen rapid changes in the last two decades. Technological and scientific advancements have empowered veterinarians to provide better care for their patients. Regenaflex-RT is the latest advance in regenerative treatment options  for soft tissue injuries.

Drobnis described what makes Hilltop’s products more advanced than other treatments:

“Most veterinarians are familiar with and using stem cell, PRP, IRAP, and ProStride options for soft tissue injuries. What we’re seeing in the scientific literature available today is that it’s not just the stem cells that fix these injuries, rather the exosomes within those stem cells that have the proteins, growth factors, and cytokines as well as the cell-signaling power already available in the horse’s body.”

“We’re harnessing these exosomes and concentrating them into our formulations to work with the body’s own cell-signaling power to say ‘Houston, we have a problem, send in the immune system’s cavalry.’”

“Our products work naturally with the horse’s own immune system to up-regulate its healing power and repairfix itself with minimal scar tissue, reduced inflammation, minimal risk of infection, typically a quicker time to rehab, and reduced re-injury rates. We’re also offering a more consistent product in terms of proteins and growth factors compared to other modalities available on the market today.”

Hilltop Bio has seen continued growth since its launch four years ago in the regenerative therapy market. Top veterinarians like US Show Jumping Team vets, Dr. Tim Ober and Dr. Heather Sherman, of John R. Steele & Associates have been using Regenaflex-RT for a few years with excellent results.

“We have been using Regenaflex to treat suspensory ligament and check ligament injuries for the past three years. We are seeing consistency in the healing response with good quality repair, and a much more consistent return to performance than with other regenerative approaches we have used.” Dr. Tim Ober

In addition to the injectable Regenaflex-RT, Hilltop offers Regenaflex-M membrane for use on severe lacerations and non-healing wounds and as a surgical adhesion barrier.

Dr. Kevin Voller of Anoka Equine initially debrided this infected post-traumatic hoof wound.

Several weeks after injury, Regenaflex-M was applied on the wound. On day 14 post membrane placement, Regenaflex-RT was administered via a Regional Limb Perfusion. The hoof continued to improve and fill in. Dr. Voller is pleased with the horse’s progress.

Dr. Tita Burnam of Brock Veterinary Clinic in Texas has seen excellent results with Regenaflex-M on eye cases. This horse presented with a corneal ulcer, hypopyon, and orbital fracture which required surgical debridement. The cornea then ruptured and Dr. Brunam used the Regenaflex-M graft on the eye and sutured the lid closed.

“I’m pleased with how the Regenaflex-M graft worked on this mare. She is doing great now.” – Dr. Tita Burnham

For more information or updated pricing, please register at www.hilltopbio.com to access our online shop, contact your local representative, or email us at info@hilltopbio.com.


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