Scientific papers that will be presented at the 11th International Equitation Science Conference, taking place Aug. 5-8 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will feature speakers from Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Egypt, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Japan, France, Brazil, and Sweden.

The conference’s theme, “Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges,” is reflected in topics that include round pen training techniques, therapeutic riding horses, learning theory in equine veterinary practice, and horse welfare across different disciplines.

Additionally, the horse’s emotional state will be explored in papers addressing temperament assessments, eye wrinkles, and wither scratching/neck patting responses from horses under saddle. Further, training techniques and equipment—including hyperflexion, artificial aids, rein tension in a variety of applications, bitless bridles, saddle pad thickness, stirrup length, nose twitching, and target training—will also be discussed.

Presentations will also explore how equitation science is understood, factors affecting performance in competition, and a variety of rider influences including both mental and physical components.

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