The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Nevada’s Winnemucca District Humboldt River Field Office will begin a wild burro water- and bait-trap gather on Aug. 17, in the area of the McGee Mountain herd management area (HMA).

The gather site will be located in approximately 20 miles west of Denio, Nevada, and will last approximately 30 days. The ( media/public tour is still scheduled for Aug. 18.

The BLM will gather and remove approximately 125 wild burros from the private property in the McGee Mountain area.

“Wild burros have moved onto the private property from the Herd Management Areas in search of forage and water,” said Acting Humboldt River Field Manager Aron King. “Due to the damage to private water sources the burros are causing, we are gathering and removing the burros from private property and public land.”

The gather area is comprised of 47,000 acres of both private and public lands. The BLM says removing the excess wild burros will help prevent further damage to private property and water resources, as well as address overpopulation of wild burros in and around the McGee Mountain HMA.

An information line has been established for this gather at 775/861-6700, option 2. A recorded message will be updated daily to provide the previous day’s information regarding daily gather numbers and weather observations at the gather site. The BLM will also post daily gather reports on its website at

The BLM’s priority is