Mice. Rats. Moles. Whatever the rodent might be, they invade barns and feed-storage areas, causing frustration for horse owners. They often destroy horse equipment and tack, and can transmit diseases through their droppings.  

So what can you use to control and eliminate rodents in your barn or feed-storage area? We posed this question to our readers in last week’s poll. More than 1,300 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!  

Of the 1,338 respondents, 682 (51%) said cats are their main form of rodent control in their barns. Another 212 individuals (16%) said they used bait or poison for rodent control, and 152 respondents (11%) said they use lethal traps. Some 140 respondents (10%) rely on dogs for rodent control, and 65 people (5%) said they use humane/catch-and-release traps. The remaining 87 respondents (7%) said they used other methods.

Additionally, more than 90 people commented about how they control rodents in their barn or feed storage areas:

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Many people commented about the cats in their barns:   

  • “Our barn cats are cute, but useless at hunting rodents!”
  • “A good barn cat and a few Guinea fowl do a great job of controlling rodents on my farm.”
  • “It’s hard work for diva barn cat who won’t take on apprentice barn cats!”
  • “Using cats is safe. I never  use bait or poison. It’s f