Despite the lifting of an equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) quarantine at Hawthorne Race Course, near Chicago, Ill., Oaklawn Park in Arkansas is still not permitting Hawthorne horses on its grounds.

The Arkansas Racing Commission (ARC) and Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission said Jan. 16 they have been monitoring the EHV-1 outbreak at Hawthorne. Though the Illinois Department of Agriculture has lifted the quarantine on horses from Hawthorne, Arkansas has set its own quarantine clock based on the latest positive test for EHV-1 in late December, ARC veterinarian Joe Lokanc, DVM, said in a release.

"Our ban on horses from Hawthorne is still in effect," Lokanc said. "The length of the ban is based on the last positive test of any horse at Hawthorne. Based on what we know now, the earliest that horses from Hawthorne could be allowed at Oaklawn is after Feb. 3, and that date is subject to change pending further developments."

Oaklawn’s EHV-1 policy, which states that horses that have been at Hawthorne in the past 28 days are not allowed on the grounds, remains in effect.

Following the end of the ban, horses from Hawthorne will only be allowed on the grounds of Oaklawn with the specific approval and permission of the ARC veterinarian and will be required to provide additional medical records and proof of negative testing.

Other tracks have similar bans in place. Hawthorne is scheduled to reopen for live racing Feb. 15.