A trailer load of horses en route to a Canadian processing plant died Monday when the truck hauling them burst into flames.

In a written statement, the New York State Police said that around 8 p. m. on May 6, law enforcement personnel responded to a report about a tractor-trailer fire on the shoulder of Interstate 81 in Lisle, N.Y. The vehicle was being used to haul 30 horses from Shippensburg, Penn., to Masseuville, Quebec.

In their statement, the New York State Police said that the truck’s driver, Clarence J. Phelps, spotted the flames coming from the passenger side of the truck. He subsequently pulled over to the shoulder of the road and unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire. Phelps was unavailable for comment.

Upon arrival police personnel discovered the vehicle engulfed in flames. The 30 horses contained in the trailer were killed in the blaze.

New York State Police Capt. Eric Janis said that no one has been charged in connection with the incident.

“So far it looks like all the laws concerning transport were being followed,” Janis said. “However, the incident is still under investigation.”