In last week’s online poll, asked if you’ve ever put a horse on a diet (restricted calories and increased exercise) to aid in his weight loss. More than 680 readers responded and we’ve tallied the results.

Of the 688 voters, 529 (77%) indicated they had, at one time or another, used a diet to help reduce a horse’s weight. The other 159 (23%) indicated they had not. Additionally, 62 respondents provided comments about their individual situations.

Some readers had medical reasons behind their decision to implement a diet for their horses:

  • "I routinely rehabilitate chronically foundered horses and diet management is critical to that."
  • "Not for weight loss but metabolic concerns/issues."
  • "He was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and I needed to carefully watch his weight."
  • "Had an IR mare that developed laminitis–weight loss a matter of life or death!"

Others noted breed predilections for holding weight in their answers:

  • "With Andalusians and ponies on a farm with good grass it’s impossible for them NOT to be on a diet."
  • "My Paint is such an easy keeper she’s on a diet every year before competition season begins."
  • "My Warmblood is prone to being fat so I have to watch his calorie intake closely."
  • "Easy keeper Arab gelding gets fat easily."
  • "Minis are air ferns….mine are no exception!"
  • "POA mare years ago was hard to keep weight off even when restricted and lots or exercise."

Some said they’d either implemented restricted feed or exercise, but not both:

  • "Not so much increased exercise as less calories."
  • "Increased exercise, but never have restricted calories."
  • "Increase in exercise does the trick…lots of rolling hill walking, some trotting."
  • "Sore feet or possible lameness can sure put a damper on the exercise portion of the program!"

Others indicated they’d never had to deal with keeping horses’ weight down:

  • "Both of mine are hard keepers, so I have to work to keep weight on them."
  • "Never had (that) problem. My ponies work and get fed enough for that work."
  • "Hard keeper OTTB? Just the opposite!"

And finally, some were just happy with the results they saw:

  • "It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it worked!"
  • "Just like all creatures—healthy weight horses are happier!"
  • "And it has helped so much—my guy is beautiful compared to the obese condition he came to me in!"

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