In last week’s online poll, asked which complementary therapies you’ve integrated into your horse’s care. More than 500 readers responded and we’ve tallied the results.

Of the 503 voters, 170 (34%) indicated they’ve integrated chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy into their horses’ health care routines. Another 42 readers (8%) said they use herbal therapy. Twenty-one respondents (4%) said they’ve used acupuncture on their horses, and 157 (31%) readers said they use either a combination of the therapies listed or a different complementary therapy. And 113 readers (22%) said they haven’t or don’t use complementary therapies in their horses care.

Additionally, 55 readers shared comments about their individual situations.

Some readers found success in using complementary therapies:

  • "Thanks to herbal therapy my horse can now go through a summer without fighting allergies."
  • "Acupuncture and adjustments do wonders for certain horses. Well worth the time and money."
  • "I see an incredible difference in my horses after chiropractic."
  • "None now, although chiropractic was very helpful for one of my now-retired mares."
  • "We have added microcurrent and therapeutic ultrasound."
  • "Myofascial release made a huge difference in my gelding!"
  • "Also use some aromatherapy prior to adjustments. Works great!"
  • "Craniosacral is a great therapy."