In last week’s online poll, asked if you bring your horses along on your summer camping trips. Nearly 500 readers responded and we’ve tallied the results.

Of the 472 voters, 147 (31%) said they look forward to horse camping every year. Another 75 readers (16%) indicated they’ve camped with horses in the past, but don’t do so on a regular basis. Another 120 readers (25%) said they’d like to try horse camping sometime in the future, while 130 respondents (28%) said they haven’t camped with horses and have no intentions of trying it out.

Additionally, 34 readers shared comments about their individual situations.

Some readers explained that horse camping’s not in their future this year:

  • "My mare is horrified to be taken out of her groomed arena."
  • "(My horse is) 30 so it’s too much for him to handle. I would love to otherwise."
  • "If I took my horse camping, I’d never see him again!"
  • "No, I don’t do vacations! Camped when I was younger, but now trailer out for day rides only."
  • "No camping, but lots of riding—great trails in my area."

Others would like to give it a try in the future:

  • "I will retire soon, which will allow new activities."
  • "Would love to go trail driving with my Minis!"
  • "I don’t know enough about horse care to embark on a camping trip with him, but it sounds like fun."

And many shared t