Bayer HealthCare Animal Health will again sponsor Equine Land Conservation Resource’s (ELCR) Conservation Partners Program.

Bayer’s support enables ELCR to provide vital information and resources on equine land conservation to conservation partners, which they then share with their members and constituents. Through Bayer’s commitment to conserving land for horses, partners ensure that people at the grassroots level have the knowledge and guidance needed to save their horse parks, farms, ranches, and hayfields.

ELCR’s conservation partners currently represent over 1.2 million equestrians across the United States. ELCR’s partnerships include a diverse collection of member groups which include breed and discipline associations, equestrian parks and facilities, land trusts and government agencies, media companies, event organizers, and equine retail and wholesale companies.

“Horses are part of American heritage. It is sad to see horse farms close and never reopen,” said Scott King, DVM, Bayer Animal Health’s equine products manager. “If the equine industry is going to remain viable, we must ensure access to horses and horse related activities for generations to come. Bayer supports the efforts of ELCR so we can help protect and preserve these lands and traditions.” King is a member of ELCR’s Board of Directors.

“With Bayer’s financial support, ELCR is able to offer our Conservation Partners more and better articles, information, tools and programs which they can share with their own constituents in order to tackle critical land and access issues in their communities,&