On October 19, the Veterinary University of Vienna will host the symposium, "First Aid for Horses – What is an emergency? What to do until the vet comes?" Participation is free and open to the public. The presentations will begin at 2:00 p.m. (14:00).

Lecture topics will include:

  • Introduction and presentation of the Equine Clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna–Florien Jenner, DrMedVet, BVSc, PhD, Dipl. ACVS, head of equine surgery.)
  • The world from the perspective of the horse–René van den Hoven, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECEIM, head of equine internal medicine
  • Wounds: How bad is what injury?–Karsten Velde, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, equine surgery 
  • Sudden severe lameness–Rhea Haralambus, DrMedVet, Dipl.ECVS, equine surgery
  • Complications at birth and in neonatal foals–Franziska Palm, DrMedVet, obstetrics, gynecology, and andrology) 
  • Colic: diagnosis and therapy–Sonja Berger, DrMedVet, equine internal medicine, and Sabine Sykora, DrMedVet, equine surgery 

The lectures will be followed by tour of the Clinic for Horses at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Participation in the symposium is free. Interested parties are asked to RSVP by Oct. 16 via email to Kerstin Martens.