Law enforcement authorities in Miami-Dade County, Fla., are investigating another case involving the slaughter of a horse ostensibly for its meat. Since 2009, the remains of more than 20 horses butchered for their meat have been discovered in that state.

Humane investigator Richard Couto, founder of the Florida-based Animal Rescue Mission, said that on Nov. 1, he and Miami-Dade Metro police personnel discovered the remains of a 1 ½- or 2-year-old horse alongside a dead end street in a residential area in Miami-Dade County. The remains were dumped at the location after the animal was apparently butchered for its meat elsewhere, Couto said.

"This was definitely a slaughter conducted by a professional horse killer, as all of the horse’s meat was harvested and only the head, ribs, intestines, and dissected legs … remained," Couto said.

The remains of two other horses were also discovered at the same location, Couto said. Those horses could have been killed as part of a religious ritual, he said.