Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, located in the Netherlands, will have a second equine handling center starting in December, with the launch of a joint venture between handling agent Aviapartner and Dutch equine transport specialist European Cargo Services (ECS).

The new facility, currently under construction, will be a self-contained unit sited within the existing Aviapartner handling center, located in the center of Schiphol’s cargo area, only 30 meters (roughly 98 feet) from the nearest freighter parking stand.

The new facility will have its own landside entry and direct access to the ramp, and will include 24 horse stalls, a separate quarantine area, and cleaning facilities for air-stalls. In addition to the facility’s own staff, experienced grooms will be on standby at all times to assist when required.

The facility will be fully-certificated for VWA (veterinary) inspections, and will operate as a Border Inspection Post for acceptance and clearance of horse movements into the European Union from any part of the world. Initially, the facility will cater only to horses; handling of other live animals will be included later.

Gerard Kervezee, Aviapartner’s manager of commerce for the Netherlands, said, "Our aim in opening this new facility is not to create more competition, but to increase the airport’s current market share of equine business by providing extra capacity and enhanced facilities. It will also enable Aviapartner to broaden its service offering to airline clients."

Edwin Hofstede of European Cargo Services, added, "The combined in-house expertise and know-how of ECS and Aviapartner, o