With rainfall shortages in Maryland wreaking havoc on pastures and hay fields, Maryland livestock producers and horse owners are already exhausting hay supplies that would normally feed their animals through the winter.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has a listing of hay sources on its Web site, www.mda.state.md.us, and is seeking updates to listings to better connect hay suppliers with those who are looking to buy.

“Many livestock and horse owners are desperate for feed supplies because in many areas there is no pasture and hay supplies are diminishing,” said Agriculture Secretary Roger Richardson. “We are asking those with hay available to contact us so that we can provide an up-to-date listing to our farmers.”

To list hay supplies, please contact Mark Powell via phone at 410/841-5770, fax 410/841-5987, or e-mail marylandsbest@mda.state.md.us.  

Horse owners can log onto www.mda.state.md.us to find hay listings or call 410/841-5770 to receive a printed copy of the listings.