A herd of horses from Lewisburg, Tenn., has been rescued after grass and water dried up in their pasture while their owner is on a military deployment to Iraq. (Editor’s note: it has been brought to our attention that the horses’ owner was not deployed. See www.TheHorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=10280 for more information.)

The 16 horses now are being cared for by Volunteer Equine Advocates in Gallatin after they were found by volunteers with a local animal rescue shelter.

The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association is donating food to help feed the rescued horses although the breed of the animals isn’t known, member Hal Newman said.

“We are looking at an owner who is currently serving our country,” Newman said. “Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows there is not a great deal of time to make choices when the choices seem obvious.”

The name of the horse owner wasn’t released.

The horses would have been all right if a drought hadn’t struck Tennessee this summer, the trainers’ association said.

“His pasture wouldn’t have been a problem if it would rain,” Newman said. “We can’t provide rain anymore than he can leave his duties in Iraq to feed and water every day. Normally, his stock would have been all right. There is no way to plan for lack of rain if you’re a million miles away from home.”