Samantha Bossone and her horse Zippity Zulu always seemed to have a special bond whenever they went riding together, Bossone’s mother said Wednesday.

“She cared for my daughter on her own,” Gina Bossone said of the chestnut-colored quarter horse, also nicknamed “Zoie.”

“She never left Sam behind when they were doing jumping, and she would take a fall first before she would ever let Sam go,” Bossone said.

But when fire broke out Tuesday night at the Burgundy Hill stables in Marcy, NY, there wasn’t much the Bossones could do keep 9-year-old Zoie from perishing with 24 other horses amid the flames.

The pain that followed for the Bossones and the other horse owners was “devastating,” she said.

“It’s like losing a family member,” Gina Bossone said.

Maynard Fire Chief Bill Gagnon said it’s unlikely he will be able to determine what caused the deadly blaze, but one of Burgundy Hill’s co-owners, Arlene Kreimeyer, said she has an idea how it happened.

“It must have been electrical,” she said. “I can’t think of anything else.”

At this point, however, Gagnon said his department doesn’t have the capability to thoroughly investigate such a destructive fire, and he has ruled its cause as “undetermined.”

“We would normally leave it up to the insurance companies to make a determination on anything further,” Gagnon said.

‘It’s a trying time’
Arlene Kreimeyer had just finished feeding more than 30 horses inside the three boarding barns at 9329 Kennedy Road when she noticed smoke and flames inside the middle barn around 10 p.m. Tuesday, she said.

After calling 911, Arlene Kreimeyer and her daughter Michele were among those who tried to rescue as many horses as possible from the burning structure, Arlene Kreimeyer said.console.log('scenario 2');