The Stablers Inc., makers of the patented SMART Rotary Manure Spreader, has added three new models to a growing line. The new models, available in 36, 47, and 69 cubic feet, have an expanded 5-foot opening that accommodates front-end loaders for ease of use in cleaning up stock-piles of manure.

The larger width also provides a greater surface area enabling more manure to be shred during each rotation, cutting the time needed to complete the spreading. The weighted, hard-rubber blade rotates to further shorten work time by breaking the contents into fine pieces, eliminating the need to follow up with dragging or tilling.

The Stablers also added a hydraulic lift feature to the lid so it’s easily opened, held open, and closed. The easy-opening lid is standard on all newly manufactured spreaders and can be retrofitted to older models. The six available sizes range from 12 cubic feet to 69 cubic feet, and come standard in green, but can be powder coated to match any barn’s colors.

Contact The Stablers; 1951 County Road 23, Waterloo, IN 46793; 877/695-8582;